Our proven methodology consistently identifies opportunities to create value and minimize waste within an existing group benefit plan. This fee based service will help determine the gap between the current benefits strategy and the best possible plan for an organization, its employees and top executives.

Our Process

The benefit audit is a proven methodology designed to be an objective, third party insight into current benefit offerings in order to identify savings and/or better performance opportunities.   It can be accomplished with minimal employer effort and does not involve the current advisor or plan insurer.

Recent Client Results ..

  • A $1.3 Million lump sum in savings plus $275,000 per year in additional savings.
  • $140,000 annual savings and a release of $120,000 of excess reserves.
  • A $625,000 lump sum in savings and an annual savings of $425,000.

Why Choose EBi?

EBi adheres strictly to a set of critical values in all of our relationships, which include accountability, sustainability, needs based solutions, tax efficiency, communications and our ability to create individual solutions.

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Assured Automotive Case Study

Learn how Assured Auto consolidated their group benefits into a more manageable, cost and tax effective solution.

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