What Are Executive Benefits?

Executive Benefits are value added insurance-based benefits that have been structured to meet the needs and wants of key personnel in the areas of Post-Retirement Life Insurance, “Own-Occupation” Income Protection and Priority Health Care for the Executive and his or her family.

What Makes Executive Benefits So Attractive?

There are many advantages to Executive Benefit plans over regular employee benefits. Some of the key features include:

  • Flexibility to meet the individual needs of senior management.
  • Portability of the plan to take some or all elements when leaving a company.
  • Access to the best health care in Canada and the United States including Cleveland Clinic and other highly ranked “centres of excellence” in medical care.
  • Elimination of deductibles, co-insurance and maximums to create enhanced health and dental benefits.
  • Lump sum benefit payments covering life-altering illnesses or injuries.

EBi is an expert provider / advisor on IPP’s (Individual Pension Plans) and RCA’s (Retirement Compensation Arrangements), both of which allow for funding of retirement vehicles for senior executives.

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Assured Automotive Case Study

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